2021 Bishop’s Annual Appeal | 18-19 September 2021

September 15, 2021

In support of the retirement and health of clergy
Caring for those who have cared for us

“Our faith calls us to help one another through prayer and action. Your donation to this appeal will enable me to provide a dignified retirement for our diocesan clergy and ensure that our parish communities stay connected during this time of pandemic. While I acknowledge the pressure that some households are facing
at this time, if you are in a financial position to give, I would be very grateful if you would consider giving generously to this appeal.”

+Bishop Brian Mascord

or call (02) 4222 2446 to make a donation over the phone.

Caring for those who have cared for us—
support the retirement and health of our clergy

It is the responsibility of our diocese to fund the support and care for the retirement and health of our diocesan clergy who have dedicated their lives in service of the Church. Each year, this support is partly funded by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.

Your donation to this appeal will help Bishop Brian ensure a dignified retirement for our diocesan clergy through suitable accommodation, transport assistance and holistic health care. Currently, there are 13 clergy in retirement. It is likely that we will have an additional five clergy retiring over the next five years. As a matter of priority, we need to ensure that we have the resources to continue to care for our ageing clergy.

Staying Connected during these times of pandemic—
support local parish ministries

The past 18 months have created so much uncertainty and anxiety, and our parishes have responded to the important need and mission of staying connected with their communities through the provision of online Masses, digital faith resources and greater connection via social media platforms. Accordingly, this year, the Bishop’s Annual Appeal will continue to support local parish ministries – staying connected today and beyond.

Your donation to this ministry will enable Bishop Brian to provide additional practical resources to continue to stay connected with their local communities in meaningful, accessible and faith-giving ways.