In our Parish | First Holy Communion

June 30, 2023

On 18th June 2023 about sixty young people from our Parish received their First Holy Communion.  The two Masses at 10.30am and 12.00pm were well attended by their family and friends and were enhanced by music and songs from the St Peter and Paul group, who are regular singers and musicians in our Parish. After five weeks of preparation, the communicants were well prepared and arrived very excited and happy with some a little nervous, looking beautiful.

In his homily, Father Henry asked the children if anyone had any pets, then explained that in order for them to grow from young animals to maturity they need to be fed with good food full of vitamins and nutrients. Just as we need food to nourish our bodies, we also need the food that Jesus offers in Holy Communion regularly and as we can’t see the vitamins and nutrients in our food, we know they are there. We also believe that Jesus is present in the bread and wine offered at Mass because this is our Catholic faith. So, when we receive Communion, we are really receiving Jesus’ Body and Blood.

As the young people came forward to receive communion, they were very reverent and respectful then, at the conclusion of each Mass the children were presented with their certificates and group photos were taken.

Written by Karen (Parishioner)