In Our Parish | Liturgy Workshop with Sr Monica

October 19, 2022

The Liturgy workshop held on 17/10/22 was presented by Sr Monica Barlow RSJ, Liturgy Coordinator in the Wollongong Diocese.

The presentation brought to light the many aspects and ministries of the Liturgy, how we connect the Eucharist to our daily lives and tune ourselves to the amazing presence of God with Daily Prayer, Reflection and Devotional Practices. Sr Monica’s presentation referred also to Pope Francis’ vision with his words ‘Liturgy is the first source of divine communication in which God shares His life with us’.

The evening was attended by several parishioners including children, wanting to learn more about Liturgy and those who have expressed an interest in being part of the many Liturgical ministries in the church, such as Acolytes, Altar servers, Ministers of the Eucharist and many others. Further information sessions and training is being planned in the following months, dates and times to be advised.

Written by Karen (Parishioner)